Consumer Code

Committed to our customers

The Directors and staff of Durkan are committed to ensure that our customers receive a high level of service and information when purchasing a new home. The following Charter sets out our commitment.

  1. We have adopted the Consumer Code for Home Builders.
  2. We will provide you with detailed information about the property you are buying and the development prior to purchase.
  3. We will provide you with Health and Safety advice to minimise the risk of danger during construction and following occupation of the property.
  4. We will regularly update you on the construction progress of your new home.
  5. We will provide you with reliable information about the 10 year NHBC Buildmark warranty and any other guarantees associated with the property from which you will benefit.
  6. Our Contract of Sale terms and conditions will be clear and fair and in compliance with the Consumer Code for Home Builders.
  7. We will carry out a full demonstration of the functions and facilities of your new home.
  8. Upon completion we will provide you with a Home Owner Manual with instructions on running in and maintaining your new home.
  9. Our Customer Care department will inform you clearly of our 2-year after-sale warranty and emergency service procedures following legal completion.
  10. In the unlikely event there is a dispute between us you have the right to refer the dispute under the independent dispute resolution scheme set up under the Consumer Code for Home Builders.

Our Customer Charter is prepared to be in compliance with the Consumer Code for Home Builders and our commitment does not affect your statutory rights nor your rights under the code.

Durkan is compliant with the Consumer Code for Homebuilders.

Commitment to our customers


We fully support the code which is intended to create a fair balance between us. This Charter is intended to be fully compliant with the Code. A copy of the Code will be given to you.


During the sales process our negotiator will advise you of the following:

  • Details of the property location, layout, specification, site layout, communal areas or common parts.
  • Approximate room sizes
  • Details of fixtures and fittings
  • Details of contents
  • Details of areas that may not be finished before you complete, such as landscaping and parking areas
  • Details of the layout appearance and plot position of the Property


Construction sites can be dangerous and we are legally responsible for the welfare of our staff and visitors. Under no circumstances may you be allowed onto the development unaccompanied or without the necessary protective clothing. Whilst we understand the excitement in seeing your property being built, you must appreciate that we may, at times limit the areas to which access is permitted.


The construction of your property takes place in natural weather conditions, which can sometimes adversely affect the build programme. Our Sales Negotiator will however keep you regularly updated with anticipated build completion dates. Please note that these estimates could be subject to change but any contract for sale will contain provisions allowing you to withdraw if there is an unreasonable delay.


For the first two years after completion you are covered against damage caused to your property as a result of faulty workmanship or failure on our part to meet with NHBC standards. The NHBC also offers a resolution service should any disputes occur between us that cannot be reasonably settled.

For years three to ten, after completion the NHBC provide direct insurance cover for any damage caused by a defect in the structure of the property.


Once you have appointed a solicitor to deal with the legalities of the purchase we will ensure that all queries and formalities are attended to in a clear and professional manner in order to execute a smooth contract exchange and completion. Your contract deposit will be protected by our Solitictor who will hold your deposit as stakeholder. This means that our Solicitor will have to hold the deposit in its client account and return it to you if you can legitimately bring the contract to an end.


Prior to legal completion and handover you will be invited to view the property at which time you will also be given a demonstration in order to familiarise yourself with functions and facilities of your new home. This will also be your opportunity to check the property prior to legal completion. You will also be asked to confirm that sanitary ware, kitchen furniture, tiling and any floor coverings are in good order as we cannot be held responsible for damage caused by moving in or following occupation.


Once the property is legally completed and handover takes place, you will be given a Home Owner Manual. This file will contain instruction information and manufacturers warranties for the kitchen appliances, heating system, video entry system, TV, telephone and electrical items contained within the property. It is important that you read this manual thoroughly as it will also contain instructions on running-in and maintaining your new home for which the owner is responsible. The NHBC ‘Guide to your New Home’ is also included and explains the importance of this process in more detail.


We want you to enjoy your new home and hope that no defects are identified once you have moved in. However, as these do sometimes occur, we have a dedicated Customer Care team who will attend to any faults, which are as a result of faulty workmanship within the first 2 years following legal completion. Our Customer Care Manager will write to you directly to explain the process for reporting problems and also supply you with details of our emergency service provider.


The Consumer Code for Home Builders is supported by a dispute resolution scheme. If a dispute does arise between us we will fully co-operate in resolving the dispute under the Consumer Code.